Currently WIP procedural space trading game.

Currently generating over 4,000 uniquely named sectors each with a handful of star systems in them (and inside those sytems up to about a dozen planets will be generated. Some of these planets will have a trading post with a generated market and prices (that need to be ironed out for fairness -- right now it's hard to make credits). All planets should allow you to refuel. Some planets will have Shipyards where you can equip different upgrade modules you have purchased from marketplaces. Ideally the gameplay loop includes buying crap and selling it where it is listed as a high-value item (so it's worth a lot more). If you run out of fuel you should be able to use a distress beacon to hail a tanker (careful for pirates! ... jk they're not implemented yet).

To Play:

  • Fly around with WASD
  • 'R' is a scanner to find the closest star systems (distance limited), there are 3 charges to the scanner that slowly recharge
  • 'M' will pull up a map to give a general idea of where you've been, this screen is barely implemented, needs an overhaul
  • 'E' will let you go into a star system/planet
  • 'Q' will let you exit a star system to go back to deep space
  • 'B' will turn on the distress beacon  when you're out of fuel


  • Sounds!
  • In game explanation of controls
  • Adjust trading simulation
  • Add enemies (/maybe friendlies)
  • Ship upgrades (semi-implemented)
  • Improve random planet generation looks
  • a lot more
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Space, Trading
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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